Tired of cookie-cutter EOR solutions that leave your tech team feeling lost and unheard?

Enter TeemGenie - the magical genie that customizes EOR (also known as Professional Employer Organization - PEO) offerings to fit your company's unique culture, swiftly addresses employee concerns with a proactive approach, and connects you with top-tier tech talent curated specifically for your needs. Say goodbye to long turnaround times and hello to a seamless, tailored experience that empowers your team to thrive in the fast-paced world of tech innovation.

Startup-Focused Talent Acquisition

Dedicated Team Building

Streamlined Operations Management

Personalized EOR Delivery

Hassle-Free Payroll and Benefits Administration

Been There, Done That - Teams That Trust Our EOR++

Not Your Regular EOR/PEO: We’re All About The ++

At TeemGenie, we're not just another EOR/PEO service provider. We're your partners in growth, dedicated to revolutionizing your hiring process and empowering your team with the best talent India has to offer.

Hiring Unleashed

You no longer have to deal with the hassle of finding the right talent. With TeemGenie, you're not alone in the hiring journey. We handle everything from sourcing to coordination, ensuring a smooth process with an impressive 80% candidate screen-select ratio and an 85% offer-to-join ratio.

Your Team, Your Culture, Your Delivery

Our model is simple. We are enablers in building and managing your team in India. We are your strongest support in driving the culture you want to build, with a team that you hire to reach the delivery that you expect. You’re not resource hiring, you’re building your India tech team - we’re just your partners in the process to make it smoother.

Streamlined Employee Management

Why juggle multiple tasks when you can have it all in one place? TeemGenie takes care of your entire employee management in India, so you can focus on what matters most - your business. With just a single cheque to pay, we manage everything from payroll to annual meets and employee benefits to employee engagement, leaving you with more time to innovate and thrive.

We Know
The Way:
Here’s What We Bring
To The Table

Experience in hiring engineers for several up-and-coming startups
Best talent acquisition support with expertise in DeepTech
A well-nurtured developer community built over 20 years
Proven expertise in brand building in the right technology circles
Human touch and best employee engagement to pamper your high-performance team
Why Customers Love TeemGenie

I would absolutely recommend TeemGenie to anyone looking for an efficient, personable and professional company. Sandy, Manasi and the team at TeemGenie are always very authentic, supplying both documentation and communication that is clear and concise. All the accounts are very diligent and clearly laid out specifying all transactions for the month with precise descriptions on each one. No task is too much and the service level is exceptional. A true pleasure to partner with TeemGenie.

Kerry Leather, HR Manager

Meet The Super-Genies: Our Team

Sandeep Deshmukh, PhD

Founder And CEO

" When I met tech founders looking to build their teams in India, I found that they were struggling to connect with the Indian tech community and their team was struggling to feel connected to their brand and culture, thanks to the remote situation. That’s where I shifted my focus - driving EOR with a culture and engagement-first approach. "

Devayani Purohit

Leadership Consultant

" Today’s landscape is not about recruiting the right talent - it’s more about nurturing them the right way. I am more focused on setting the right processes and foundation at TeemGenie such that it can harbour cultures for each of its customers and set the right environment for them to nurture and engage their team."

Kanad Dixit

Chief Technology Officer

" After spending 20 years as a techie, I switched to hiring for tech after realizing the need for someone to be on the other side. My focus is to connect with the best tech talent out there, understand their expectations and bring to them the opportunities that matter to them. I am a developer nurturing a developer community at TeemGenie."

Why We Are A Dedicated,
Personalized EOR++ Partner

At TeemGenie, we take pride in being more than just an EOR solution- we're your dedicated, personalized partner in navigating the vibrant landscape of Indian tech. Unlike generalized solutions, we understand the nuances of the Indian developer community, allowing us to tailor our offerings to meet your specific needs and challenges. Our approach goes beyond mere SaaS-based EOR/PEO platforms; we believe in cultivating and nurturing your team with dedicated support and personalized attention. We don’t offer you impersonal interactions and automated responses or a ticket-generation platform to address your issues. Rather, you'll interact with real people who genuinely understand your concerns and engage with your team in a more humane and empathetic way.

Your success is our priority, and your journey is customized at every step of the way.

Let’s Get Your India Team Ready!